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Efficiency Tips for Database Programming in SAS

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This class teaches you how to tune your SAS programs for faster execution, especially those that access relational database tables using SAS/ACCESS interfaces or SAS Viya data connectors.

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  • Use SAS options to evaluate efficiency when accessing database data.
  • Tune SAS programs for faster processing.
  • Understand how relational database tables are accessed on the SAS Compute Server and in SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS).
  • Understand conditions that can prevent SQL pass-through for execution in the database.
  • Modify SAS programs to maximize pass-through to the database and minimize execution time.

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  • Data scientists, data analysts, and SAS programmers

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Foundational Concepts

  • Introduction.

LIBNAME Access to DBMS Tables

  • Implicit Pass-Through Basics.
  • Tuning SAS Programs.
  • Mitigating Common Problems.
  • Rules of Thumb for LIBNAME Access.

Working with Multiple Data Sources

  • Cross-Library Operations.
  • Accelerating Cross-Library Operations.

The SQL Pass-Through Facility

  • Implicit versus Explicit Pass-Through.
  • Explicit Pass-Through with PROC SQL.
  • Explicit Pass-Through with PROC FEDSQL.

Accessing Database Tables in CAS

  • Introduction to CAS.
  • SQL Pass-Through in CAS.
  • Working with CAS Tables.

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Before attending this course, you should either have at least six months of experience writing SAS programs that include PROC SQL code or have completed the SAS SQL 1: Essentials course and used PROC SQL in SAS for at least one month. The course builds on concepts presented in both the SAS Programming 1: Essentials and SAS SQL 1: Essentials courses, and it is not recommended for beginning SAS software users. Specifically, you should be able to:

  • Access existing SAS data libraries using a LIBNAME statement.
  • Write and submit SAS programs to access and manipulate data using the DATA step and PROC SQL.
  • Read and interpret the SAS log.
  • Diagnose and correct syntax errors in SAS.

A tanfolyam SAS/ACCESS, Base SAS szoftver használatára épül.

This course uses Base SAS, SAS/ACCESS to Oracle, SAS Viya Cloud Analytic Services, and SAS Viya data connector software. It is appropriate for students who are using either SAS 9 or SAS Viya.

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