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Security testing Python Web applications

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Your Web application written in Python is tested functionally, so you are done, right? But did you consider feeding in incorrect values? 16Gbs of data? A null? An apostrophe? Negative numbers, or specifically -232? Because that's what the bad guys will do – and the list is far from complete.
Testing for security needs a remarkable software security expertise and a healthy level of paranoia, and this is what this course provides: a strong emotional engagement by lots of hands on labs and stories from real life.
The curriculum goes through the common Web application security issues following the OWASP Top Ten but goes far beyond it both in coverage and the details.
A special focus is given to finding all discussed issues during testing, and an overview is provided on security testing methodology, techniques and tools.
So that you are prepared for the forces of the dark side.
So that nothing unexpected happens.



  • Developers and testers working on Web applications


  • Linux
  • Windows


  • General Web development


  • Hands-on


  • Cyber security basics
  • The OWASP Top Ten
  • Security testing vs functional testing
  • Manual and automated methods
  • Security testing methodology
  • Security testing
  • Common software security weaknesses
  • XML security
  • JSON security
  • Wrap up

Objective list

  • Getting familiar with essential cyber security concepts
  • Understanding Web application security issues
  • Detailed analysis of the OWASP Top Ten elements
  • Putting Web application security in the context of Python
  • Going beyond the low hanging fruits
  • Understanding security testing methodology and approaches
  • Getting familiar with common security testing techniques and tools
  • Handling security challenges in your Python code
  • Identify vulnerabilities and their consequences
  • Learn the security best practices in Python

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