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Java EE 7: New Features

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This Java EE 7: New Features course is designed for experienced Java EE 6 platform professionals. You'll simplify the switch to the Java EE 7 platform by performing lab exercises and experimenting with real code examples.

Learn To:

  • Implement the new Java API for Batch Applications, JSON and Websocket in your code(JSRs 352, 353 and 356).
  • Enable JAX-RS 2.0, EL 3.0 and JMS 2.0 Major enhancements in your code.
  • Implement the enhancements in JSF and JSP in your code.
  • Implement the enhancements in CDI and Bean Validation in your code.
  • Implement the enhancements in EJB and JPA in your code.
  • Describe and leverage the enhancements in the Java EE 7 platform.
  • Understand the new features for Java EE 7: JSON, WebSockets, HTML 5, JSF & Servlets.
  • Update existing applications to EE 7.

Benefits to You

  • Write applications for Java EE 7 and take advantage of the benefits of a cloud environment and of the Java EE 7 improved simplification. Extend the range of the Java EE platform to encompass emerging technologies in the web space.

Course objectives:

  • Develop Java EE 7 applications
  • Design and implement Restful Web Services using JAX RS 2.0
  • Parse and encode JSON in Java
  • Create Web Application views using JSF, JSP and EL improved features
  • Create WebSockets for real-time communication
  • Integrate JMS, JPA and Batch application technologies in Java EE 7 applications
  • Integrate EJB, CDI and Bean Validation in backend services for EE application


  • Java EE 7 Overview
    •     List of JSRs (What's New, What's Major Release and What's Updated)
    •     Pruned technologies - EJB Entity Beans, JAX-RPC 1.1, JAXR 1.0, and JSR-88 1.2
    •     Web Profile Changes
    •     New Default Connections for Database and JMS
    •     Security Descriptor and Deployment Descriptor Changes
    •     Overview of Common Annotations 1.1. How they consolidate and remove duplicates.
  • Developing Java EE Applications Using JAX-RS 2.0 and JSON-P
    •     New Client API
    •     JAX-RS Server Side Improvements
    •     JSON-P (new API)
  • Developing Application Using Web Component Enhancements (JSF, JSP, EL, Servlet)
    •     JSF Changes
    •     JSP Changes
    •     EL Changes
    •     Servlet Changes
  • Developing Applications Using WebSocket
    •     Explain Web Service Limitations
    •     WebSocket Explained
    •     Creating WebSockets with Java
    •     Client-side WebSocket with JavaScript
    •     Client-side WebSocket with Java
  • Implementing EJB, CDI and Bean Validation
    •     EJB Improvements
    •     CDI Changes
    •     Bean Validation Improvements
  • Implementing JMS, JPA and Batch
    •     JMS 2.0
    •     Batch Applications (new API)
    •     JPA Improvements

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  • Java SE 7 Programming

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