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PowerShell for SQL Administration

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This course is intended for SQL administrators with little or basic knowledge of PowerShell. The course centers on SQL administrative tasks that are commonly used, and provides the basic understanding needed for administrators to utilize the expanding PowerShell SQL interoperations. The course concludes with a copy of course 752552 PowerShell 5.0 Basics.

This course is intended for SQL Administrators and SQL Developers.

Level: Intermediate
This Revision: A
First published: 06 February 2017


  • Module 1: Course Overview
    • Introduction
    • Course Materials
    • Facilities
    • Prerequisites
    • What We'll Be Discussing
  • Module 2: PowerShell and SQL
    • Examining Modules and Installing the SQLPS Module
    • Examining SQL Server Cmdlets
    • Discussing SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)
    • Recent Updates – July 2016
  • Module 3: SQL Administration with PowerShell
    • Examining SQL Information Retrieval
    • Exploring Logins
    • Adding Files and Filegroups
    • Detach and Attach Databases
    • Understanding Backup and Restore
    • Examining Indexes
  • Module 4: Monitoring and Automation
    • Exploring Cmdlets
    • Discussing Scheduling
    • Understanding Performance Metrics
  • Module 5: SSAS, SSIS, AND SSRS
    • Examining SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
    • Exploring SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Module 6: Appendix: 752552 PowerShell 5.0 Basics
    • Introduction to PowerShell
    • Utilizing PowerShell
    • The Pipeline
    • Processing Data with Loops
    • Scripting and Functions

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