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Azure DevOps Server 2019 Fejlesztési és Üzemeltetési Ismeretek

10 nap
1 125 000 Ft + ÁFA
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This course provides the knowledge and skills to implement Azure DevOps Server 2019 processes. Students will learn how to install and configure prerequisites for Azure DevOps Server 2019, install and configure Azure DevOps Server 2019, use source control, and implement and manage build infrastructure.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


  • Implementing Azure DevOps Server 2019 prerequisites
    • Ensuring OS Platform, checking prerequisites
    • Providing sufficient user rights for installation for Microsoft SQL Server
    • Configuring Microsoft SQL Server for Azure DevOps Server 2019
    • Installing Azure DevOps Server 2019
    • Setting up user accounts and security
    • Using Active Directory integration
  • Implementing DevOps Development Processes
    • Git process
    • Git CLI
    • Implementing Visual Studio 2019 Git client
    • Getting started with Source Control
    • Branches
    • GitFlow conventions and tools
  • Implement & Manage Build Infrastructure
    • Implementing Projects
    • Adding sample ASP.NET Core repository
    • Adding sample ASP.NET Core Visual Studio 2019 Solution to the repository
    • Creating branches, features, fixes, releases
    • Managing application config & secrets
    • Design a Release Strategy
  • Implementing Continuous Integration
    • Implementing Continuous Integration in an Azure DevOps Pipeline
    • Managing Code Quality and Security Policies
    •  Implementing a Container Build Strategy
  • Implementing Continuous Delivery
    • Design a Release Strategy
    • Set up a Release Management Workflow
    • Implement an appropriate deployment pattern
  • Implementing Application Infrastructure
    • Infrastructure and Configuration Azure Tools
    • Azure Deployment Models and Services
    • Third Party and Open Source Tools
    • Implement Compliance and Security in your Infrastructure
  • Implementing Continuous Feedback
    • Recommend and design system feedback mechanisms
    • Implement process for routing system feedback to development teams
    • Optimize feedback mechanisms
  • Designing a DevOps Strategy
    • Planning for DevOps
    • Planning for Quality and Security
    • Migrating and Consolidating Artifacts and Tools

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