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Scrum / Agile Elevation Training

2 nap
247 500 Ft + ÁFA
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The key to a successful Agile transformation is a strong foundation, common interpretation and vocabulary, which can only be established by all parties are participating on the same course. Existing agile knowledge has to be refreshed and lifted to a high enough common level, the gaps filled and the interpretation synchronized in order to avoid future misunderstandings. To reach these goals, all our training offerings start with the Scrum / Agile Elevation training.

Starting from the basics, on this training we ensure participants get a deep understanding of Agile and build a strong foundation of the Scrum methodology – both on a theoretical and practical level.

The training material is approved by Scrum Alliance (Sprint Consulting is a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider, SA REP).

The Scrum Master role is the focus of the course, as this the role that has to have the deepest knowledge about scrum. However the course is suitable for managers, who would like to see whether Scrum is a good fit for their organization, for those who would like to start using agile, for those who are using it, but would like to deepen their understanding, for business analysts, product managers, line managers and potential team members as well.

Handout (English) will be provided for the participants.
Welcome coffee, lunch, and other coffee breaks are included in the price. Price includes infrastructure and catering services that are stated on the related invoice as individual items.
PMP certified participants are eligible to 1 PDU point per training hours as defined in the PMP Handbook on page 42, Category B.


The training consists of presentation, exercises, simulation games, real life stories and discussions of problems raised by the audience. The format of the training is as follows:

Each day, until lunchtime the training is conducted as an interactive presentation, the focus being on the theoretical parts of the methodology, with a few small exercises

After lunch, a simulation exercise is conducted both days. The goal of these exercises is for the participants to experience the teachings and to help internalize the theory. These exercises take around 90 minutes (+- 15 minutes) and are followed by a debriefing session.

After the exercises the original interactive presentation style is continued. All the topics on the training are explained via real-life examples and case studies collected on past projects of Sprint Consulting’s consultants.

Rough Agenda of the Training:
Day 1:

Agile introduction
Scrum overview
Exercise to discover common sense in agile
Roles, responsibilities
Scrum events, meetings, environment
Artifacts, documents
Product backlog, Sprint backlog
Day 2:

Sprint planning, running, review, retrospective
Estimation, Velocity
Definition of Done
Product Backlog Refinement (previously called Backlog grooming)
Release planning
Different burndown charts and agile metrics
Scrum of Scrums
Scrum simulation
Distributed projects
Common pitfalls
Other topics

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