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OCA: Java SE 8 Programmer

Java SE 8 significantly changes the way Java Programmers write code. Earning a Java SE 8 Certification gives you the tools to make the most of the new features within Java SE 8.

The Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification helps you build a foundational understanding of Java, while expanding your knowledge of general programming.

The ideal candidate who would earn this certification typically has a technical background and wants to improve programming skills, or may be new to object-oriented programming and Java.

Typical backgrounds include:

  • System administration
  • Technical writing
  • Web development
  • Technical management
  • Project management
  • Program management

Preparing for this certification cultivates in demand Java programming skills that will serve you well in a competitive job market.

Learn to:

  • Create command-line Java applications.
  • Create a hierarchy of object types.
  • Manipulate collections.
  • Handle expections.
  • Take advantage of new Java SE 8 features, such as lambda expressions and streams.

Candidates who earn the OCA are in a great position to earn the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification, as OCA is a prerequisite certification for those pursuing the more advanced OCP.

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  1. Java SE 8 Fundamentals NEW (D83527)
    Ár: 360 570 Ft + Áfa | 5 nap
  2. VIZSGA: Java SE 8 Programmer I (1Z0-808)

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