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Check Point Security Engineering (CCSE)

How You Will Benefit

  • Build, test and troublehoot numerous deployment scenarios
  • Apply insider tips troubleshooting Check Point Security Systems
  • Practice advanced upgrading techniques
  • Migrate to a clustering security solution
  • Create events for compliance reporting
  • Manage internal and external access to corporate resources

A minősítés követelményei

  1. Check Point Security Administration 2013 (R76 verzió) (CCSA13)
    Ár: 360 000 Ft + Áfa | 3 nap
  2. VIZSGA: Check Point Security Administrator (156-215.77)
  3. Check Point Security Engineering 2013 (R76) (CCSE13)
    Ár: 360 000 Ft + Áfa | 3 nap
  4. VIZSGA: Check Point Security Expert (156-315.77)

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