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  • Explanation of ArchiMate standard in detail
  • Prepare students for the certification exam
  • This course is delivered by Goodea Consulting, who holds a valid commercial license from The Open Group
  • Introduction
    • Enterprise architecture – short introduction
    • Basic ArchiMate concepts and principles
    • Architecture layers
    • Overview on ArchiMate extensions
    • Relationship between TOGAF and ArchiMate
  • Concepts, relationships, notation
    • ArchiMate metamodel
    • Detail description of ArchiMate concepts
    • Relationships between concepts, their notation
  • Business layer
    • Business layer metamodel
    • Basic concepts (actor, role, collaboration etc.)
    • Behavioural concepts (process, function, event etc.)
    • Informational concepts (product, contract, value etc.)
  • Application layer
    • Application layer metamodel
    • Basic concepts (application component, interface etc.)
    • Behavioural concepts (service, function, interaction etc.)
  • Technology layer
    • Technology layer metamodel
    • Basic concepts (device, node, network etc.)
    • Behavioural concepts (service, function)
    • Informational concepts (artifact)
  • Relationships
    • Basic relationships (composition, assignment, realization etc.)
    • Dynamic relationships (triggering, flow)
    • Other relationships (grouping, junction etc.)
  • Architecture viewpoints
    • Basic viewpoints (organization, business process, application usage, infrastructure etc.)
  • ArchiMate extensions
    • Motivation extension (concepts, viewpoints, relationships)
    • Implementation and migration extension (concepts, viewpoints, relationships)
  • ArchiMate tools and information sources
    • Overview and selection of a tool
    • ArchiMate information sources
  • ArchiMate usage examples

Basic awareness of Enterprise architecture

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