Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration for Experienced UNIX/Linux Administrators

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The Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration for Experienced UNIX/Linux Administrators course is for skilled AIX/Linux/HP-UX administrators who need to make informed decisions as they adopt, deploy, and administer Oracle Solaris 11 in their data centers. The course is extensively built around a hands-on experience, meant to impart application-level skills and knowledge to successfully administer Oracle Solaris 11.

Learn To:


  • Understand the merits of using some of the key features and technologies of Oracle Solaris 11.
  • Manage system software by using IPS.
  • Administer services using SMF.
  • Administer file systems using ZFS.
  • Implement network virtualization using VNICS and etherstubs.
  • Implement operating system virtualization using Oracle Solaris Zones.

Benefits to You:

Oracle Solaris 11 provides the most robust environment for your data center with best in class reliability and scalability. Lab exercises show how to use advanced features such as scalable data management, built-in virtualization, and fully integrated security to get the most from your Oracle Solaris 11 deployment.

Course objective:

  • Administer system software using IPS
  • Administer services using SMF
  • Configure the network
  • Administer ZFS
  • Configure user accounts
  • Install Oracle Solaris 11
  • Configure Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Monitor system resources using observability tools


  • Administering System Software Using IPS
  • Administering Services Using SMF
  • Administering ZFS
  • Configuring the Network
  • Administering User Accounts
  • Configuring Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Installing the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System
  • Monitoring System Resources

Kinek ajánljuk


  • Experience Administering a UNIX or Linux based environment

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