Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Administer Forms Services

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In this course participants learn to administer Forms Services within the context of a Fusion Middleware installation. Participants understand the architecture of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Forms Services and learn the role of each Forms Services component in running an application. Participants learn to install, configure, tune Oracle Forms 11g, and deploy Forms applications on the web and integrate them with other technologies. Participants also understand the process needed for upgrading from previous versions of Oracle Forms.

Participants gain hands-on experience with using Oracle Enterprise Manager to edit the Forms Services configuration. They learn how to set the most commonly-used parameters and environment variables and how to use Forms with single sign-on. Configuration for deployment in different languages and different time zones is also explained. Students learn to integrate Forms applications with Reports and with any technology that can place events on a database queue. They also gain experience with troubleshooting tools that can help resolve configuration and performance issues.

Learn To:

  • Install and configure Oracle Forms 11g
  • Start and stop WLS servers
  • Generate and deploy Forms modules and associated files
  • Secure Forms applications
  • Integrate with Oracle Reports and other technologies
  • Troubleshoot and tune Forms deployments

Course objectives:

  • Describe the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Forms Services architecture
  • Install Oracle Fusion Middleware and Forms
  • Configure Forms Services
  • Configure the Forms client
  • Configure Forms Services for the use of WebUtil
  • Deploy Forms applications and their associated files
  • Manage applications that are deployed globally
  • Make Forms applications secure
  • Integrate Forms applications with other technologies
  • Manage Forms Services instances
  • Troubleshoot problems with running Forms applications
  • Improve performance of Forms applications


  • Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Forms Services Overview
    •     Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Overview
    •     Starting and Stopping WebLogic Servers
    •     Components of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Forms Services
    •     Starting a Forms Application
    •     Installing WebLogic Server, Forms, and Reports
    •     Upgrading from Oracle Application Server 10g
    •     Upgrading from Oracle Forms 6i
  • Configuring the Middle Tier: The Forms Servlet
    •     Using Configuration Files
    •     Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
    •     Configuring the Forms Servlet
    •     Defining Application-Specific Configurations
    •     Configuring Run-time Pooling
  • Configuring the Middle Tier: Environment, UI, and Deployment
    •     Modifying the Run-time Environment
    •     Enabling Query-Where Functionality
    •     Defining Application-Specific Environments
    •     Managing the User Interface Appearance
    •     Font Mapping
    •     Key Mapping
    •     Creating Application-Specific Registry Files
    •     Generating and Deploying the Forms Application
  • Deploying Associated Files
    •     Files That Your Forms Applications May Need
    •     Deploying Associated Files for Access from the Middle Tier
    •     Deploying Associated Files for Download to the Client
  • Configuring the Client Tier
    •     Client Requirements
    •     The Java Run-time Environment (JRE)
    •     Supported Browsers
    •     Using the Sun Java Plug-In
    •     Displaying the Java Console
    •     Configuring WebUtil for Client Interaction
  • Deploying Applications Globally
    •     Detecting Browser Language Settings
    •     Deploying Language-Specific Applications
    •     Implementing Time Zone Support
  • Implementing Security for Forms Applications
    •     Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO)
    •     Restricting User Privileges on the Database
    •     Restricting Parameters in the URL
    •     Using HTTPS
  • Integrating Forms Applications with Other Technologies
    •     Integrating with External Events
    •     Integrating Reports
    •     Integrating JavaScript
  • Managing Forms Services Instances
    •     Managing Forms Services with Oracle Enterprise Manager
    •     Configuring JVM Pooling
    •     Enabling Reports Calls to Use the JVM Controller for Java Method Invocation
    •     Managing User Sessions
    •     Load Balancing
    •     Achieving Maximum Availability
  • Troubleshooting Deployed Applications
    •     Enabling testmode
    •     Creating a Stack Trace File
    •     Using Forms Trace to Record Information about Specific Events
    •     Using Oracle Diagnostic Logging (ODL)
    •     Detecting and Diagnosing Common Errors
  • Tuning Deployed Applications
    •     Diagnosing Performance Issues
    •     Built-In Optimizations
    •     Co-locating the Forms Services and Data Server
    •     Minimizing the Perceived Startup Time
    •     Reducing the Required Network Bandwidth
    •     Reducing Time to Draw Initial Screen
    •     Using Other Tuning Techniques

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Kötelező előfeltételek:

  • Review Administer Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g documentation on OTN

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  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials
  • Configuring and Managing Oracle HTTP Server
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials

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