Oracle BPM 11g Modeling

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This Oracle BPM 11g course teaches you how to use Oracle BPM to model, simulate, implement, play, deploy and monitor business processes. You'll simulate the behavior of a business process, analyze the results and optimize the process.

Learn To:

  • Create process models.
  • Run simulations.
  • Implement and play a simple process.
  • Participate in a running process.
  • Create real-time dashboards using BAM.
  • Edit business rules at run time.
  • Understand the kinds of metrics can be gathered to monitor a process.
  • Create and implement simple business rules and user tasks using Business Process Composer, then play the process to see if the logic is correct.
  • View sample analytic data using both Oracle Business Process Workspace and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

Benefits to You:

Oracle BPM monitoring tools allow you to measure both standard and process-specific business indicators. You'll be able to raise alerts on abnormal business conditions. This course also demonstrates how easy it is for multiple users to collaborate on projects.

Course objectives:

  • Describe the BPM life cycle
  • Describe how the various components of the Oracle BPM Suite can be used
  • Create process models and other process artifacts using Oracle Business Process Composer
  • Configure and run simulations to fine-tune a business process
  • Collaborate with other process analysts in Oracle Business Process Composer, and share BPM projects with developers using BPM Studio
  • Create and implement simple business rules and user tasks
  • Use Process Player to test the logic of a business process
  • Deploy a business process to the BPM runtime environment
  • Participate in a running process as an end user using Oracle Business Process Workspace
  • Configure process analytics to gather both standard and custom process metrics
  • Analyze process workload and performance using Oracle Business Process Workspace
  • Create real-time dashboards using Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Edit business rules at run time


  • Oracle BPM Methodology and the Oracle BPM Suite
  • Modeling a Process Using Oracle Business Process Composer
  • Running Simulations
  • Collaborating on BPM Projects
  • Using Additional BPMN Flow Objects
  • Creating Business Rules
  • Creating Human Tasks
  • Playing the Process
  • Participating in a Running Process
  • Using Process Analytics
  • Creating Real-Time Dashboards Using BAM
  • Customizing Business Rules

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  • Familiarity with BPM modeling concepts
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Windows

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