Implementing Active Directory Federation Services 2.0

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This four-day instructor-ledcourse provides students with the knowledge and skills to install and configure Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (AD FS). The course focuses on terminology, user interfaces, and common configuration scenarios for AD FS. Students will learn how to design AD FS environments and supporting technology such as a Public Key Infrastructure. Students will also learn how to design AD FS for security and high availability.

This course is intended for Windows IT professionals who want to become Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) enterprise administrators, and move into the role of designing AD FS environments.

Level: 300
This Revision: B
First published: 24 February 2012


  • Module 1: Introducing Claims-based Identity
    • Introducing the Identity Metasystem
    • Existing Solutions for Managing Identities
    • The Benefits of Claims-based Identity
    • The Evolution of AD FS
    • Use Cases for AD FS
    • AD FS and Claims-based Terminology
  • Module 2: AD FS Prerequisites
    • Windows Prerequisites
    • Introducing Directory Services
    • Active Directory and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
    • Web Services, Standards, and Interoperability
  • Module 3: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    • Introducing the Public Key Infrastructure
    • PKI Basics
    • Introduction to Cryptography
    • PKI Design
    • Installing and Configuring Certificate Services
  • Module 4: AD FS 2.0 Components
    • The Federation Server Role
    • Claims Types, Endpoints, and Attribute Stores
    • AD FS Security
    • The Federation Server Proxy Role
    • Administering AD FS
    • Windows Identity Foundation
  • Module 5: Claims-based Authentication in a Single Organization
    • Preparing for AD FS in a Single Organization
    • AD FS Within a Single Organization
    • Understanding Claims and Claim Types
    • Claim Rules and Claim Rule Templates
    • Creating Claim Rules from Templates
    • Configuring AD FS in a Single Organization
  • Module 6: Claims-based Authentication in a Business-to-Business Federatio
    • Deploying AD FS in a Federated Environment
    • Configuring a Claims Provider Trust
    • Understanding Home Realm Discovery
    • Managing Claims Across Organizations
  • Module 7: Advanced AD FS Deployment Scenarios
    • Implementing the Federation Server Proxy
    • Planning for High Availability
    • Additional AD FS Configuration Scenarios
    • AD FS 2.0 and SAML Interoperability
  • Module 8: The AD FS Claims Rule Language
    • Reviewing the Claims Pipeline and Claims Engine
    • Introducing the Claims Rule Language
  • Module 9: AD FS Troubleshooting
    • Configuring Auditing for AD FS
    • AD FS Troubleshooting
    • Tracing AD FS Traffic


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  • Basic understanding of networking.
  • Intermediate understanding of network operating systems.
  • An awareness of security best practices.
  • Basic knowledge of server hardware.
  • Some experience creating objects in Active Directory.
  • Foundation course (6424) or equivalent knowledge.
  • Basic concepts of backup and recovery in a Windows Server Environment

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