Introduction to SQL Databases

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This instructor-led course is aimed at people looking to move into a database professional role or whose job role is expanding to encompass database elements. The course describes fundamental database concepts including database types, database languages, and database designs.

The primary audience for this course is people who are moving into a database role, or whose role has expanded to include database technologies.

Level 300
Revision A
First published 11 May 2016


  • Module 1: Introduction to databasesThis module introduces key database concepts in the context of SQL Server 2016.
    • Introduction to relational databases
    • Other types of database
    • Data analysis
    • Database languages
  • Module 2: Data ModellingThis module describes data modelling techniques.
    • Data modelling
    • ANSI/SPARC database model
    • Entity relationship modelling
  • Module 3: NormalizationThis module describes normalization and denormalization techniques.
    • Why normalize data?
    • Normalization terms
    • Levels of normalization
    • Denormalization
  • Module 4: RelationshipsThis module describes relationship types and effects in database design.
    • Schema mapping
    • Referential integrity
  • Module 5: PerformanceThis module introduces the effects of database design on performance
    • Indexing
    • Query performance
    • Concurrency
  • Module 6: Database ObjectsThis module introduces commonly used database objects.
    • Tables
    • Views
    • Stored procedures
    • Other database objects

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This is a foundation level course and therefore only requires general computer literacy.


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