10979F: Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals

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This course provides the underlying knowledge required by ITPros/Devs who will be evaluating Microsoft Azure, whether they are administrators, developers, or database administrators.

This course is intended for individuals who want to evaluate deploying, configuring, and administering services and virtual machines (VMs) by using Azure. This includes:

  • Developers who want to evaluate creating Azure solutions.
  • Windows Server administrators who want to evaluate the migration of on-premises Active Directory roles and services to the cloud.
  • IT professionals who want to evaluate the use of Azure to host websites and mobile app back-end services.
  • Database administrators who want to evaluate the use of Azure to host SQL databases.

Level: Intermediate
This Revision: F
First published: 14 December 2018


  • Module 1: Getting started with Microsoft Azure
    • What is cloud computing?
    • What is Azure?
    • Managing Azure
    • Subscription management, support, and billing
  • Module 2: Microsoft Azure management tools
    • What is Azure PowerShell?
    • Azure SDK and Azure CLI
  • Module 3: Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
    • Creating and configuring Azure VMs
    • Configuring Azure VM storage
  • Module 4: Azure Web Apps
    • Creating and configuring Azure web apps
    • Deploying and monitoring Azure web apps
  • Module 5: Implementing Azure networking
    • Getting started with Azure networking
    • Getting started with Azure Load Balancer
  • Module 6: Introduction Azure Storage and Data Services
    • Understanding Azure Storage options
    • Creating and managing storage
    • Understanding options for relational database deployments
    • Creating and connecting to Azure SQL databases
  • Module 7: Introduction to containers and serverless computing in Azure
    • Implementing Windows and Linux containers in Azure
    • Introduction to Azure serverless computing
  • Module 8: Configuring and managing Azure AD
    • Overview of Azure AD
    • Manage Azure AD authentication and authorization

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Before attending this course, students must have a background in IT. In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should already have the following technical knowledge:

  • Understanding of how to deploy websites
  • A basic understanding of virtualization
  • A basic understanding of Active Directory concepts, including domains, users, and domain controllers
  • A basic understanding of database concepts, including tables and simple queries

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