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Test Driven Development (TDD) Training for .NET

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Test-driven development makes software quality part of the development process and at the same time creates a safety net for future changes to our product. Starting from the basics of unit testing, this workshop guides the participants through specific code examples and exercises to show them how to do TDD efficiently and in a sustainable manner, getting the most out of this methodology while avoiding its pitfalls.

The course is available in the following programming languages: .NET

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A tanfolyam során a résztvevők megismerhetnek számos hasznos, a TDD hatékony alkalmazásához szükséges nyílt forráskódú és kereskedelmi eszközt, mint NCrunch, Resharper, Fluent Assertions, NSubstitute, NBuilder, stb.

The material is divided into 3 modules. During each module, the trainer will guide you through lectures and exercises that help you connect the material to your existing experience, learn new concepts and experience the concepts through practice.

The course also points of when TDD is not the appropriate tool, to build a balanced view about TDD.

During the course students have the opportunity to learn many useful open source and commercial tools for efficiently practicing TDD, like NCrunch, Resharper, Fluent Assertions, NSubstitute, NBuilder, etc.


  • Introduction to Unit Testing: what to test, why to test, how to test
  • Handling dependences using Fake objects
  • TDD theory and practice

The course has a 4 days variant too. The difference between them is that the 4 days course has a full day about refactoring and it contains more unit test related patterns.


For Architects and Software Developers.

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