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Agile Management – new ways to shape and lead Agile Organizations
Management 3.0 is an official 2 days course, licensed by Jurgen Appelo and based upon his ground-breaking book „Management 3.0 – Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders“.
This course is a highly interactive and probably the most innovative curriculum on how to create and run an Agile organization from a leadership and change-maker perspective, whether IT-related or any other industry.
Learn various modern options for the role of Agile management, the concept of Agile leadership, the growth of Agile organizations and how to successfully influence change for seeding a culture of trust and innovation.


  • Connect Agile leadership and organizations on a foundation of systems and complexity thinking
  • Learn how to shape an Agile organization, which is fit for the future
  • Learn how to establish leadership on all levels
  • Learn how to grow and foster self-organized structures with better motivated teams
  • Learn how to successfully influence change within a social complex system based upon a powerful set of models and tools


With the strong focus on practical exercises and applicable tools participants are encouraged to take action in their own environment right after the course.
Management 3.0 serves as a consistent thinking platform to grow Agile leadership and Agile leaders. With a clear role understanding and a powerful toolset for driving change, Agile managers can help organizations to become more adaptive.

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This 2 day course addresses managers, leaders and change agents. It provides various perspectives on how modern Agile organizations can work, what the effective contribution of managers in Agile environments can be and how to establish leadership on all levels. It provides many exercises and games helping to drive sustainable change in a social complex systems, not only on a single project level, but specifically on a day to day basis within the whole organization.


  • Trainer: Mike Leber
  • Location: Budapest
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Language: English

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The training covers 8 modules, based upon the foundation and different views of the new Management 3.0 model.

  • Background on the concept of and requirements for Agile management
  • An applicable approach to systems and complexity thinking
  • Energize people: effective approaches for attaching to people‘s desires and motivation
  • Principles and tools for empowering teams and fostering self-organization
  • Properly shaping boundaries for a self-organized system to work
  • A fresh competence development approach for organizations and teams
  • Innovative solutions for organizational design and development
  • Change Management 3.0 aligned with Change Studio, a process for triggering and sustaining change in Agile organizations

In addition to the standard Management 3.0 curriculum this course covers brand-new Management 3.0 workouts, lots of additional exercises, tools and games. Plus it includes „Change Studio“, an innovative Lean Change approach about how to design, initiate and run change in an organization.
All sections of the course are aligned with practical exercises and tools and are followed by a debrief with the participants.

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