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RPG IV Programming Intermediate Workshop for IBM i

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Occasional or recently-trained RPG IV programmers can develop their skills to the next level of expertise, using the latest language features.

Course objectives:

  • After completing the course, the student should be able to:
  • Use OVERLAY and related DDS keywords to develop efficient interactive programs
  • Write interactive programs that support inquiry of subfiles
  • Write interactive programs that support maintenance of subfile records
  • Use arrays and data structures in RPG IV programs
  • Develop RPG IV programs that anticipate and manage common errors and exceptions
  • Use prototyping to Call other programs
  • Write RPG IV subprocedures
  • Write ILE modules and include those modules in program objects using bind by copy and bind by reference

Each student will have a dedicated workstation to complete the numerous practical exercises. Sample solutions will also be provided.


  • NOTE: This course focusses entirely on the latest features of the RPG IV language, (Version 5 compiler) and the techniques that this compiler provides.

The course includes the following Topics:

  • Managing Display Record Formats
  • Using Arrays
  • Using Data Structures and Data Areas
  • Using Subfile Displays
  • Managing Exceptions and Handling Errors
  • Processing Date and Time Data
  • Prototyped Calls
  • Using Subprocedures
  • Introduction to ILE
  • What's Next?

Before attending this course, the student should be able to:

  • Write RPG IV programs to support simple inquiries and reports.
  • Use a free-format code style for RPG expressions.
  • Use the various Debug tools to identify the causes of processing errors.
  • Code programs using both host tools (PDM/SEU/SDA) and client tools (CODE/WDSc).

These skills may be developed by attending the AS06 course.

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