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RPG IV Programming Advanced Workshop for IBM i

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In this course programmers, who can write comprehensive RPG IV programs using the IBM i RPG IV compiler (Version 7), learn additional skills and techniques.

Get a comprehensive exposure to advanced features of the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) RPG compiler and the IBM i. Experienced RPG IV (Version 7) programmers learn to develop and maintain RPG IV programs of an advanced level using the latest features and techniques available in the Version 7 compiler.

This course provides lectures and hands on labs in a face-to-face classroom setting. This course is also offered in a live virtual classroom environment (ILO - Instructor Led Online) with hands-on labs: RPG IV Programming Advanced Workshop for IBM i - ILO (OV100)

Course objectives:

  • Use address pointers and user spaces in RPG IV programs
  • Write database triggers in RPG IV
  • Develop ILE modular objects and package them in service programs
  • Explain the purpose of ILE activation groups
  • Explain the behavior of error handling and percolation in ILE
  • Code an ILE error handling program
  • Call IBM i Application Programming Interfaces (API) from RPG IV programs


  • This advance course is the third in a series of three classes designed for RPG IV programmers. Programming experience using RPG IV is mandatory when enrolling in this course. You should have attended AS060/OV600 and AS070/OV700. 
  • This course is not designed for RPG III programmers who want RPG IV.
  • RPG III programmers should review the agenda carefully before they make a decision to attend this class.


  • The term RPG/400 refers to both System/38 RPG as well as iSeries (AS/400) RPG/400 (also known as RPG III).
  • Previous techniquesand the maintenance of programs written using legacy techniques are not covered in the classroom.

IBM Education Advantage Program eligibility:

  • Yes - IBM Education Pack - online account

Curriculum relationship
This class is the third of three classes designed to develop RPG IV programming skills. It is part of the IBM i programming curriculum to support the RPG IV Version 7 compiler. Below are others that you should attend to enhance your skills using the RPG IV language after you have completed this course.

  • Accessing the System i Database Using SQL (OL370)
  • Developing System i Applications Using SQL (OL380)
  • DB2 UDB IBM i SQL Advanced Programming (OL390)
  • Basic API programming
  • RPG IV features
  • ILE CEE API programming
  • Leveraging DB2 UDB database features
  • Advanced ILE topics
  • ILE error handling and condition handlers

You must complete:

  • Introduction to IBM i for New Users (OE980)
  • IBM i Application Programming Facilities Workshop (OL490)
  • RPG IV Programming Fundamentals Workshop for IBM i (AS060)
  • RPG IV Programming Intermediate Workshop for IBM i (AS070)

or have equivalent experience.

  • You should be able to:
  • Use a Windows based PC
  • Run PC applications using menus, icons, and tool bars

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