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IBM SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5 Foundations

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This course introduces you to the fundamental concepts of managing IT assets, service requests, and changes in your IT environment using IBM SmartCloud Control Desk. You learn how managing these processes with a unified solution provides significant advantages to your organization. Through instructor-led discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, you learn how to plan a deployment, perform basic configuration, and navigate IBM SmartCloud Control Desk.

Audience: This basic course is for implementers and administrators of IBM SmartCloud Control Desk.


  • Describe the features of IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
  • Explain the architecture
  • List the primary installation scenarios
  • Perform initial configuration
  • Explain the processes managed by IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
  • Unit 1: Overview
  • Lesson 1: Service management
  • Lesson 2: Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Lesson 3: IBM Service Management
  • Unit 2: Implementation
  • Lesson 1: Planning deployment
  • Lesson 2: Deploying virtual machine images
  • Lesson 3: Performing a standard installation
  • Lesson 4: Navigating the console
  • Unit 3: Basic configuration
  • Lesson 1: IT foundation data
  • Lesson 2: Initial configuration
  • Unit 4: Service Request Management
  • Lesson 1: Service Request Management overview
  • Lesson 2: Service Desk
  • Lesson 3: Service Catalog
  • Lesson 4: Self Service Center
  • Unit 5: IT asset management
  • Lesson 1: IT asset management overview
  • Lesson 2: Financial management
  • Lesson 3: IT asset lifecycle management
  • Lesson 4: Software asset management and audit readiness
  • Unit 6: Change, configuration, and release management
  • Lesson 1: Change, configuration, and release management overview
  • Lesson 2: Configuration management
  • Lesson 3: Change management
  • Lesson 4: Release management

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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